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Investigating Nepal

The last two decades have been challenging ones for Nepal, with the country witnessing a decade-long violent conflict and another ten years of unstable political transition. It is during these difficult years that Nepal’s media have come of age, resisting pressures ranging from newsroom censorship by the state to physical attacks against reporters by rebel Maoists. From exposing wartime atrocities to investigating corruption in Nepal’s leading institutions, including the Supreme Court of Nepal, investigative journalism is slowly but surely establishing itself in Nepal. Continue Reading →

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China: Investigative Journalism Struggles but Survives

Investigative journalism in China, which enjoyed a period of vitality from the mid-1990s to around 2013, is struggling to survive today as the government steps up its control of traditional and digital media. In recent years, a government crackdown has driven an exodus of veteran investigative journalists from the news media. Some have landed at cash-rich Internet companies, others at startups and philanthropic ventures. Still others have abandoned the media industry all together. Meanwhile, globalization, technological changes, and market pressures have shifted the paradigm for in-depth and enterprising reporting on China. Continue Reading →

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Freedom of Expression: An Asia-Pacific Round-Up by IFEX

Threats to the media, NGOs, and civil society actors have escalated in countries across Asia and the Pacific. Among the more worrisome developments are anti-press freedom moves in India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Here’s a round-up from IFEX, the global freedom-of-expression network. Continue Reading →

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