tipsheetWe’ll upload here tipsheets and links. Speakers, if you have a tipsheet for your session at IJAsia16, send us a digital copy at and we’ll post it! Conference participants can check them out in advance or refer to them after the conference.

Best Tips&Tools – Vlookup + Data (to download and try) Nils Mulvad

Collaboration Tools and Smart Use of Google, Nils Mulvad

Collecting Your Own Data, Sandhya Kambhampati

Covering Conflict, Malini Subramaniam

Covering Conflict, Mir Wais Jalazai

Covering Minorities and the Disenfranchised, Prangtip Daorueng

Data Journalism – Methods and Tools, Irene Liu

Data Visualization, Adek Media Roza

Defending Yourself from Legal Threats + Bibliographic, Kyu Ho Youm

Exposing Human Trafficking and Slavery, Surendra Paudel

Financing Your Investigation, Bridget Gallagher

Finding Data, Adek Media Roza

How to Find Data For Asia, Irene Liu

Investigating Climate Change, Joydeep Gupta

Investigating Climate Change, Rajneesh Bhandari

Investigating Climate Change: Data, Ramesh Bhushal

Investigating Corruption, Clare Rewcastle Brown

Investigating Corruption, Karol Ilagan

Investigating Corruption, Shiva Gaunle

Investigating Corruption, Wahyu Dhyatmika

Investigating Nepal, Ramu Sapkota

Lightning Round: Great Stories You’ve Never Heard Of (presentation), Mukesh Pokhrel

Mapping Training, Andy Lehren

Mobile Journalism, Ivo Burum

Muckrakers and Coders: Building the New Investigative Team, Mar Cabra

Open Refine, Nils Mulvad

Plenary Session: Panama Papers, Mar Cabra

Scraping Data From the Web
, Nils Mulvad

The GIJN Help Desk (website), GIJN

The GIJN Help Desk (presentation), GIJN

FOI/RTI in Southeast Asia, Hazwany Jamaluddin

Tools for Story Collaborations, Mar Cabra

Tracking US government actions, spending, aid, NGOs and lobbying in my country, Martha Mendoza

Tracking Corporate Records Across Asia, Patrick Boehler, Karol Ilagan

Tracking Business Records Across Asia, Karol Ilagan

TV/Video Investigations, Kyung Lae Kim

Using Investigative Dashboard, OCCRP

Using Database Managers, Kavya Sukumar

Virtual Reality in Newsrooms (presentation), Qiu Jiaqiu

Visualizing Data, Sanjit Oberai

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