Uncovering Asia Fellowships

NOTE: Deadline to apply for a Nepal fellowship was May 15, 2016. All fellows have now been contacted. 

Working professional journalists in developing and transitioning countries in Asia were eligible to apply for fellowships to travel to and attend Uncovering Asia: The Second Asian Investigative Journalism Conference, in Kathmandu, Nepal (September 23-25, 2016). GIJN will announce the winners in June.

Winners will be notified by email. To keep track of the fellowships, the Asia conference, and other opportunities from GIJN, you can subscribe to the GIJN Bulletin.

If you missed the deadline, or did not get a fellowship, we suggest you try your editor, local foundations and NGOs, or corporate sponsors such as a tech or communications company. Estimated costs are as follows:

  • Registration fee: US$200
  • Transportation: US$100-$1,000 (depending where in Asia you are)
  • Hotel: US$105/night x 3 = $315
  • Misc (transport to airport, visa fee, one or two meals): US$100

Total: On average, about US$1,100 per person. Good luck, and we hope you can join us in Kathmandu!


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